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Registration Form

  • Customize it so it reflects better onboarding to OSE. Right now it's generic and sets little in the way of expectations.

New User Welcome Message


2019 Bugs

  • July 4, 2019 - File uploads - file versioning breaks under certain situations. See 2" Universal Axis - history on July 4, 2019 - where from Marcin to Aidan's upload - both files were the same when downloaded, but memory of the 2 files was different. Look into View history for Aidan's change - where he just changed the filename to get the new file to show up.

Current Needs



  • Infobox Template
  • Showcase of infobox templates
  • Team Member Infobox
  • Collaborator Map
  • Forum/Stack Overflow embedded in wiki
  • WebGL manipulation
  • Simple phone app for documentation which is then uploaded to wiki via Wiki Uploader. Phone app saves until you have internet. Only requirement is Wiki login. On the wiki page, it has FB share.


2018 wiki upgrade:


Discussion of adding a WYSIWYG editor, Infobox Template, WebGL 3D file manipulation, and Semantic Mediawiki extension to the OSE Wiki. With Matyáš Škvor and Marcin Jakubowski.


2015 Notes from Discussion with Lonny of Appropedia