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The goal of OSE Wiki Standards is to maximize public participation and keep the structure as simple as possible. The intended audience is non-advanced users, who are interested in contributing meaningfully to a wiki. The highest level of skill required is to use templates, filling in one's information as needed - to provide advanced formatting and modification without having to know how to program that format or modification in HTML or wiki markup .

Cardinal Rules

  • The power of wiki comes from using wiki words - links to other wiki pages, created by using double brackets. This allows for the creation of infinite links, that become self-consistent within OSE, and can be used to call up other definitions and topics immediately.
  • The power of collaborative development lies in each user having an awareness of what is happening in the project. For technical contributions, the machinism for doing this is a Log. This in required for any individual contributors, projects, project teams, and OSE Chapters. The list of all logs is Logs. Recent wiki changes are accessible via the left hand side tab.
  • The power of coordin

Features Not Used

Here we explain which features we consciously not use on the wiki, with a goal to keep things simple. Features Not Used are those features which can be used but are not encouraged for beginning users in order to maximize public participation in wiki editing. For example, the syntax for using the full power of References (Cite) in Mediawiki requires a bit of study - see [1] - which is geared for more advanced users. For OSE purposes, we prefer in normal documentation work to simply create internal links with additional information or a link to an external link. This way, no new syntax is needed to keep it simple, and new wiki words are defined.

These are useful, but to simplify matters in a 'brute force fashion' of not invoking any features for which there are simple workarounds that emphasize platform simplicity over 'complexity', we choose the simple workaround.*See example reference by clicking edit. [1]

Explanations, Annotations, Semantic Mediawiki Extension

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  • . This is a references at bottom of page.
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