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For serious development along the lines of core OSE efforts, OSE encourages the creation of OSE Chapters. The intent of Chapters is collaborative development of Distributive Enterprise along the OSE Roadmap and Critical Path, following OSE Specifications and an open-source centric approach to generating wealth.

The intent for any chapter leader is to transition to full time open source product development. This is an entrepreneurial lifestyle of right livelihood, towards creating the open source economy. This consistent with OSE's goal of mass creation of right livelihoods via Distributive Enterprise, and OSE's goal of becoming the leading un-employer in the world - in the sense of self-determination via constant growth of the individual within the greater, collaborative society.

The long-term intent of Chapters is to create a land-based OSE Campus, which is an immersion training facility for Distributive Movement Entrepreneurship - or the next phase of the University campus. OSE envisions OSE Campuses as satellite operation of OSE International.

Chapters coordinate work with OSE International - for adherence to the 20 year OSE Roadmap for open-sourcing the economy. All chapters are expected to work on the current priorities of OSE, such that clear development velocity is visible towards the creation of Distributive Enterprise, as opposed to multiple projects with limited effort in each project. OSE Chapters are required to undergo an application process, and good standing is verified as an administrative function of OSE international.

Currently (2016), OSE is developing its Distributive Enterprise program. The goal is to develop viable enterprises that help to scale the OSE movement by bootstrap funding further development

First, an official OSE chapter pursues work towards the completion of the GVCS. The basic thematic requirement for OSE chapter is having a clear answer to "How does the proposed work of a Chapter contribute to the OSE Roadmap?"

First, OSE is developing the GVCS according to OSE Specifications.

OSE Chapter Requirements

Requirements for chapters are:

  1. Current member of the OSE Development Team on track for Good Standing, and past experience on a past cycle of the Development team in good standing
  2. Focus on developing a Distributive Enterprise on the current critical path of OSE. Developing and running Extreme Manufacturing Workshops in collaboration with OSE
  3. Focus on earned revenue, bootstrap funding as the fundamental mode of operation and expansion. There may be sponsorship of R&D programs via external sources, but core activity (>50%) has to be from earned revenue - in order to make the program authentic and scalable.
  4. Initial Application, and composition of a Chapter Charter. Charter includes XM Workshop schedule for the year, and Open Source Product Development milestones. Developing a clear pathway for starting OSE Extreme Manufacturing workshops from 6 months of charter, and continuing on a regular basis from there
  5. Chapter Charter and 3 Year Vivid Vision - defining commitment to developing open source products in collaboration with OSE
  6. Minimum of 40 hours per week commitment on average per Chapter, with a minimum of 2 Chapter Co-founders participating in this effort on a regular basis.
  7. Participating in OSE's annual Boot Camp
  8. Participating in XM Workshop training - a 6 week immersion program of study
  9. Minimum of 2 Founding members who serve as chapter contacts, and minimum of 2 active contributors at all times.
  10. Duration of effort is 1 year, with option for renewal on a yearly basis as specified in the Charter. 2 Year and longer charters are possible for chapters in good standing
  11. Internet presence with regular updates, commits, and logs
  12. Participation in weekly Development Team meetings by at least one chapter representative


  • Minimum of 2 Co-Founders
  • Co-Founders are current members of OSE as OSE Developers
  • At least one chapter member has received the OSE Process Manager skill badge, so that the chapter is adept in running an effective development process according to OSE best practices. An OSE Developer may consider applying for the Process Manager certification after serving one complete development cycle as an OSE Developer


Benefits include:

  1. Usage of the OSE Chapter Logo for brand identity throughout the duration of their Charter
  2. Potential access to OSE's tax exempt status for charitable contributions
  3. Potential access to publishing on OSE channels
  4. Invitation to Team Leadership training and other skills training seminars
  5. Being featured on the OSE site as part of the OSE Team
  6. Invitation to an annual team retreat
  7. Access to a 6 week immersion training course for running XM Workshops - to provide everything one needs to know to run workshops successfully
  8. Access to OSE Founder for consulting on strategy

Core Contract

  • Representing OSE as Ambassadors
  • Fully endorsing open culture, OSHWA compliant
  • Working on expanding the scope of Open Source to Useful Source and Distributive Enterprise
  • Working collaboratively on developing open economic models (distributive enterprise) that can help participants carry on continued development

OSE Ambassadors

These are individuals who are qualified to represent the work of OSE to the world. See OSE Ambassadors


Not ready to commit to starting a Chapter? Then please consider becoming an OSE Developer, or consider getting trained to run XM Workshops independently after completing a 6 week immersion program.

Chapter Collaboration Standards

The guidelines for enhancing collaboration between chapters include:

  • Using an official software selection such that templates and documents can be shared effectively, using FLOSS/H whenever possible. Some of the software is
  • Mediawiki - templates can be shared
  • Wordpress - templates
  • FreeCAD - to share parts libraries. Sketchup should be phased out eventually, as an OSE cloud repository is created
  • KiCAD
  • phpList or other free email software
  • LibreCAD
  • SweetHome 3D
  • OSGeo Live
  • Kdenlive - for collaborative video editing where the edit file is shared and large files are downloaded from ready-access repositories such as YouTube
  • D3D as the official prototyping 3D printer
  • D3D CNC Circuit Mill as the official prototyping circuit mill
  • D3D CNC Torch Table as the official prototyping CNC torch table
  • YouTube
  • Diaspora, Facebook, and Twitter as the official social media sites
  • Chapters should organize around creating highly effective Working Teams.
  • Monthly Global Chapters meeting
  • Chapter leaders qualify to be posted on Team page
  • Presence on OSE Forum
  • Potentially sharing Web Admin duties
  • Documenting tools used - such that
  • Using and developing Icon Source
  • Using and developing commong skills Badges, which are part of the Icon Source
  • For social media, #OSEcology and other hashtags should be used commonly
  • For social media, other chapters should be mentioned on a regular basis
  • For the OSE Newsletter, a monthly update from chapters should be included

Working Teams

Working Teams should have members, team leaders, SME advisors, and leadership mentors.


Open Source distributive enterprise significance I the highest end state value of OSE. Chapters that focus on this will receive the most support from OSE International.

Open Source Consortium

An organization of practitioners in the subject matter area who agree to work openly to OSHWA standards.

Consortium role is to create a mechanism for crowd involvement via leadership, technical and organizational.

Internet Presence

For clear Chapter communications and identity, the OSE chapters should be identified on the Team Page.


See also OSE Chapters Strategy. Replication of OSE work is only beginning, and it is important to formalize this process as OSE grows. A good example to build on is the Open Knowledge Foundation Chapters. The OSE program will be expanded upon in the OSE Strategic Plan.


  • WikiHouse chapters -
  • American Society of Civil Engineers - student chapters guidelines - [1]
  • OKFN - chapters page -
  • OSHWA - chapters page -
  • OSE Team Charter


OSE Europe, Austria (Leopold Zyka), Italy, France, Poland (Pawel Sroczynski), Greece, Germany, Spain, Sweden; Arizona (James Quaid); Texas; Canada; Chile; India; Caribbean; New Zealand; Australia (Paul Garner-Stephen); Slovenia (Luka Mustafa), Andrew Martz; Yousif (PC Workshop). Harold Westrich. Philip Jankoski. Priyanka.

Existing Efforts