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FYI, this article has a lot of good (and bad) examples of repermission campaigns from other organizations:

* https://econsultancy.com/gdpr-examples-repermissioning-emails-campaigns/

My take aways:

  1. We should make it as obvious as possible that the user must opt-in or (if they do nothing) they will be permanently blacklisted & receive no future newsletters
  2. The subject should very clearly indicate that their action is required. I recommend: "Opt-In Action Required for OSEmail" or something similar
  3. Rather than put the opt-in confirmation link as a hyperlink in the body of the text, we should actually make a huge green button titled "Yes, keep sending me the OSEmail newsletter" or something similar
  4. The top of the email should be about the opt-in. The normal OSEmail update should go below the big green button

Campaign Sending Notes

You must do the following when sending the repermission campaign

  1. Choose the "Invite" radio button on the Format tab

Repermissioning Email

Subject: Opt-In Action Required for OSE News and Updates

Dear Friends and Supporters of Open Source Ecology,

We are just getting started -- our next step in our organizational growth is installing an open-source, self-hosted email list software. The purpose is to own our communication channels and to support other open-source projects. We are using phpList -- an open source alternative to Mailchimp.

If you would like to continue receiving OSE news and updates - you must opt-in below. This is required to comply with internet privacy regulations following updates to our Privacy Policy. You can read our Privacy Policy on our wiki at the following URL:


If you take no action, this may be the last email that you receive from us!

Do you agree to our Privacy Policy?


If you cannot see the link above, you can copy and paste the below link into your browser to accept the Privacy Policy and keep recieving the OSEmail newsletter:


We've exciting plans for 2019 in the making -- so don't miss out as we go the long haul and finish the entire Global Village Construction Set by 2028!

Thank you,

Marcin Jakubowski, Executive Director
Michael Altfield, Senior System Administrator