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In our last exchange prior to 2022, the tractor was not open source. 'Open Systems' is not open source. Why do I Bitch About Open Source?


Oggun has a Universal Power Platform (UPP) - https://siteassets.pagecloud.com/thinkoggun/downloads/Open_System_Design-ID-9e9fed2f-ac4f-4652-a69e-cf68cf7432f5.pdf

The concept is sound and inspiring.

MJ Assessment: I am not seeing the execution being easy in terms of the claimed universal product ecosystem platform. The UPP is effectively OSE's Power Cube. However, the Power Cube is much more generalized. In other words, the specific adaptations of the UPP to various devices are almost as if very little of the common platform remains in any specific application. The same parts may be used, but they must be reconfigured. In the OSE case, the same parts are used, but they do not need to be reconfigured (within the module). Thus, in the OSE case, we have a different Depth of Modularity - more 'shallow' - where 'shallow' implies more of a construction set appraoch at the different machine level. According to the Depth of Modularity concept, I would claim that the OSE module (Power Cube) is modular at the module level. I would further argue that the UPP is modular at the part level. This is an insufficient depth of modularity to claim the 'construction set' that Oggun claims. There is too much modification work to fit into a different machine, thus limiting the ease of attaining modularity at the product ecosystem level. And I don't mean a small number of products - I mean an unlimited number of products. For an unlimited number, the modularity must occur at the part level _and_ at the module level. This means a more complex ecosystem - but one that I would argue is more Generative. In this sense, the OSE system can produce any machine with 'reconfiguration at the module level' - not just the machines that are created via 'specific redesign at the part level.' The Oggun can be successful as various individual machines, not really the Construction Set Approach that OSE offers.

What is the takeaway? Open System must be open source, otherwise, how do you argue for the large scale replication? As long as we're charging parasitic fees (license fees) without open source knowhow, we're limiting the dissemination to only those who take on the licensing agreement. This can work, but it will not distribute the wealth as easily as knowhow to which open access is provided. This is also going to be an issue when the founders die - will the enterprise live? That is a question. For open source - the product is immortal. It will be harder to develop the open source product - but if we are interested in solving Pressing World Issues, there is no easy way out.

Communications - 2022

Horace Clemmons

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It has been some time since we communicated, thought I would share with you how my thought process has evolved and see if we can have a discussion on our common goals.


Some background on my efforts are attached and below, much of it has been enabled by working with American Land Grant Universities and USAID:

  • Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) – Cambodia
    • RUA has established an engineering department based on the Open Systems Manufacturing Model (OSMM) used by CleBer/Oggun in the manufacturing of the Oggun tractor.
    • We are currently working with them on the development of a no-till seeder.
  • We are working in Senegal with Dr. Sidy Ndao of the Dakar American University of Science & Technology on the development of a 2-Wheel tractor based on (OSMM). (link below).
  • The University of Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) has adopted OSMM and are working with SEARCA on programs together.  UPLB has a also connected us with RU Foundry which is manufacturing the Oggun tractor in the Philippines. See link below. We also have a relationship with Central Philippines University.  
  • We have discussions on-going with:
    • Private sector and Ethiopia Technology Development Institute  
    • Private sector and University of Zimbabwe
    • Private sector and Universities in Kenya
    • Private sector and Universities Uganda
  • We have on-going discussions in Angola, Zambia, Ghana, and South Africa on manufacturing the Oggun tractor.


Below are links to further information:

Dakar American University of Science & Technology (daust.org)

DA to create agrimachinery center in Negros Occidental – Daily Tribune

7th Webinar: SOLVE Food and Nutrition Insecurity through Open Systems Agricultural Mechanization - SEARCA

Actions of CA4OA - YouTube

Sowing Seeds of Innovation for Agricultural Transformation - 55th Anniversary - SEARCA  Our products are shown in first minute


LinkedIn page:  Horace Clemmons | LinkedIn

Facebook page: (1) Ronnie Baugh Tractors - Posts | Facebook


Look forward talking with you in the near future.

Horace Clemmons

3005 Hickory Rd

Raleigh, NC 27616



(256) 655-8792  Cell/Signal/Telegram


  • MJ note - as the note above indicates, the Oggun is not Open Source accoring to DIN SPEC 3105. But people think it is 'open source' because the words 'open source' have been corrupted in the mainstream media.
  • Oggun tractor, in the media.



  • Solving agriculture - [1]