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For OSE, the general approach is to build Construction Sets for products and machines, not specific products or machines.

A case in point is the Seed Eco-Home 4 of Open Building Institute compliance.

When a Construction Set approach is taken, our designs can yield an infinite number of machines and variations - based on a small set of modules. This is like creating a lifesize LEGO set for building just about anything. This applies not only to mechanical devices like the tractor, but also to housing or power electonics - and any other physical device. The key is approaching a design problem with multipurpose functionality and Scalability - as afforded by the modular approach. Modularity is key to an effective Open Source Product Development platform.

In terms of sequencing - how do you develop multiple products at a time? You start with modules common to multiple products, and then you design specific products from these modules. Marketing and sales in this approach should follow the design of the product line - as opposed to following the design of the first product. This is because the product ecology informs design decisions for the whole product line. Modules are optimized for the product line, not for individual products. In other words, we are optimizing the modules for the contstruction set of products, not for individual products. There may be point losses in performance, but integrated performance (social, environmental, technological) will be significantly improved.

For example, for the 3D printer, designing for 6 different size printers all at the same time - using frames cut out as nested pieces from a flat piece of steel - allows us to achieve 0% material waste in frame material. If we designed only for one size printer only, we would end up with over 80% material waste using our current production engineering. In this case, the Construction Set Approach allows us to achieve eco-friendly production (zero waste).

Broadly speaking - the Global Village Construction Set may be broken down into these different Construction Sets:


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Global Village Construction Set

There ares several main aspects of the GVCS:

The GVCS spans these areas:

Other Areas of Infrastructure


Housing + Basic Existence/Living Stuff

Energy Storage + Generation Stuff

Materials Aquisition/Refining/Recycling

Prototyping Stuff

Fabrication/Manufacturning Technologies

Electronics/Computer Stuff

Motors/Powercube Stuff



Lab Stuff

Culinary Stuff

Agriculture Etc

Healthcare Stuff

Safety Stuff

Product Exchange Stuff

Photography/Cinematography/Audio Production Stuff

Advanced Technology Stuff

Accessibility Stuff



Misc Construction Sets

Knowledge + How To's

Internal Links

External Links