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  • An Open Source* (seems is FLOSS, but sells server+rapid customer service packages) CAD Suite
  • Supposedly better than FreeCAD ?
  • User:Eric did a bit of corrospondence with them:
    • They ARE floss
    • They offer more real time customer service, cloud services, and some pre-made tools but otherwise the "pro" versions are the same
    • No mention of needing aproval for pro work etc, so that seems fine
    • Has an api so supposedly VERY easy to make workbenches etc
    • Supposedly some mobile app? looking into that now (may be able to do full on cad on mobile!)
  • Seems to be cloud based
    • Any way to run offline/on a personal server/on a pc?
    • Granted this does make file workflows easier, and may allow the use of low spec pc's...



  • Figure out how to download, and get going on a PC or a Personal Server (Small personal (ie Pi Rack or a dedicated PC, or full on business scale ( "PROPER" server)
  • If it can fully support (import, export, etc) FCstd Files
    • If not will need to re-export (if possible) all the cad in that form OSE uses, also could use some converter, if they exist

User:Eric 's Exploration/Testing/Work

  • Seems VERY user friendly, at least from my perspective
    • That may just be the more 2000's+ aesthetic/io design lol
  • Not sure on threaded holes, seems a slight bit complicated
  • Should be easy to make a macro/open source tool though!
  • May have free(?) Cloud Storage/Workflow?
  • Also has "apps" essentially EASY group workflow (file managment via other software) + tools (CFD, FEM, etc)
  • I am not the engineer/designer, but get's my stamp of approval IMO as of now
  • Only potential issue is no OTS diy running method
    • There IS a github, not certain if it can be forked to PC or run on a SMALL home/business "server" (a good buy for makerspaces anyways with AI...)
  • Currently have a forum comment on this, may join + post on social media on this software later

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