On the Need for a Name of an OSE Meeting Place/Makerspace/Store

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  • Given that it will essentially be the "brand on a wall" there will need to be some sort of name where it can be "Bob's X" or "City Y's X" etc
  • Essentially we need a term for "X" where X is a
    • OSE Based
    • Makerspace
    • Lab
    • Education Place (Mix of high school, trade school, and community college)
    • Community Center (meeting space, events, aid, etc) (see Third Place (Social Environment) )
    • Recycling Center
    • Store
    • Charity/Non-Profit Co-ordination/administrative building
    • ...

Name Requirements

  • Simple (Not some huge 7 letter or more name)
  • Recognizable (not too overused/confusable with other similar things)
  • Accurate/descriptive (people can get a general idea of it just by the name, ie not some meaningless acronym for acronym sake)
  • "Nice" hard to describe but the name must have a good "feel" to it (this changes language to language/culture to culture, so this may require per region planning/modification (German is more "harsh" to English speakers, so something sounding "harsh" to English speakers may be a very "normal" mix of consonants and vowels etc) (essentially it needs to "flow" right and sound almost like a real word/name in that language)

Potential Options

  • OSEC (OSE Center) (Seems somewhat used (office of the secretary, some low level uses by businesses and groups?) , but still may work)
  • OSEH (OSE Hangout/Hablab/Habitat?) (Bit unclear, but seems to flow in many languages (albeit with different pronunciation?) )
  • OSEM (OSE Microfactory) (Perhaps too specific, BUT it may work for dedicated microfactories (ie production ONLY) ) (It is a large food distributer's name, so this may? affect things)
  • OSES (OSE Site/Space/Spaces) (Seems quite unused outside of a petroleum company?) (WAIT NO ITS THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING STORE'S ABBREVIATION AAAAA)
  • OSEP (OSE Place) (Used by the USA Office of Special Education Programs)

Thus for this application

  • It seems OSEH is the best?
  • User:Eric will use it for now, we can move pages around and change names if need be.

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