One Day Design Challenge

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Last year, we have shown on December 18 that we can build our GVCS machines in a single day.

This year, our goal is to show that we can design a single complex machine - in One Day.

The question is - what is a success? It is making major improvements on an existing design (such as thorough redesign based on test-driven design of a former prototype) or starting a complete design from scratch.

We will try this until we succeed.

Planned and Potential Events

Potential Projects

High-interest projects that lend themselves well to such an event include a design iteration of:

  • 50 kW Wind Turbine - everyone loves wind power, especially if we make it cost effective
  • Hydrafabber - a portable 3D printer-laser cutter-CNC Circuit Mill for rapid prototyping.
  • Solar Concentrator - how about a thermoelectric solar generator? Solar electricity for everyone.
  • Industrial Robot - industrial duty, kinematic-programmable robot
  • Power Electronics Construction Set - make your own welder, plasma cutter, induction furnace, charger, laser cutter power supply, electric car controller, etc. Geeky but powerful.