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After a successful build of the Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse, we are developing a workable business model so that we can offer such construction as a turnkey product to customers at 1/3 the cost of industry standards. By combining open source design and group-based collaborative build model - we intend to develop this as a way to produce housing as a viable option that anyone can take advantage of. This is the same promise that we laid out initially in the OBI Kickstarter:

At present, you can download the full designs for the house and manage the build yourself or by hiring contractors. The documentation can be found here - Seed_Eco-Home_Index - including all the utlility designs - where you can click on any box in the working document to go to design details of any of the utility systems.

Our launch date for taking on clients is expected to be around 2021 or 2022. Please understand that the Kickstarter funded a successful build only, and that developing a business around it is a whole other project that requires more development than the design itself. We found that this process is quite challenging - giving all the complexities involved. At the same time - we believe more than ever that it's possible and feasible - and this is only the begininng.

In the meantime, you can sign up for updates at OSEmail, or if you want to do a house build workshop at your location once we are ready - then please post your interest on the map at OSE Workshops Interest Map:



update map

Now if you are a builder and a super-cooperator interested in developing an open source business model around this - if you have a good level of enterprise or building experience, then you can join our Dev Team and take on a part of the Seed Eco-Home enterprise development as your 90-day project.