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An Open Digital Village (ODiV) is a telecenter that promotes local community oriented wireless networks, open source and open content technologies and approaches. The vision of the ODiV is to bring the key components together to rapidly bridge the digital divide in underserved communities. This Open Digital Village Knowledge Base (ODiV-KB), seeks promote a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to learning, living and constructing sustainable human habitats.


A Open Digital Village could be seen as a social enterprise dedicated to the furtherance of open source and open collaboration values. Similar to FLOSS ventures like OpenMoko it seeks to integrate Open Source values into a sustainable business model and duplicate that approach to communities that fit well with the ODiV model. This is space to develop the components of ODiV in a way consistent with the Open Learning and Development practices of Wikimedia and WikiEducator (OERs). This site is the center for the development of the content, process and infrastructure for the development and replication of ODiVs.

Software system designed to present free and open content dedicated to promoting the holistic ICT approach as being practiced in the ODiV development; Human network and field agent development guide for the ODiVs; Wireless network development information used in ODiV; Suitable open source solutions for the ODiV development; Key problem areas that are common to the developing countries and possible solutions.

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This project is now part of the one village project.