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  • A Standard for Pricing Goods that has the critical information available to the public
  • Almost like those "nutrition labels" / "ingredient labels" for food, but on anything, and for pricing


  • Materials Cost
  • "Upkeep" (May need a more rigid definition)
  • Profit
  • Tax
    • World/Inter-State (in the non USA subdivision sense see Nation vs State if that is made/look it up; culture/people=nation entity/government=state; more than one nation can exist in a state, but i digress)
    • Inter-Province / State (in the USA subdivision sense) Taxes
    • Province/State (in the USA subdivision sense) Taxes
    • Loca Taxes
    • Carbon Tax (if applicable)

Graphic Design

  • It could be large, and complex like the nutrition labels
  • Another option could be:
    • Show only:
      • The Total Price
      • The ammount that is total tax
      • The ammount that is for profit
      • A 2D Barcode for the full sheet

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