Open Source 3D Printer Enclosure

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Used For

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Basic Design

  • Made of Metal (Probably Aluminium) Extrusions, Sheet Metal (Aluminium or Stainless Steel), and either Clear Plastic, or Glass Sides
  • Has An Active Air Heater (possibly hydronic electric hybrid?) with Arduino Based Temperature Control Tied to the Software Used
  • Has Optional Fume Extraction with Optional Filtration for Certain Filaments that Produce Fumes, or use for chemistry as a lab bot
  • Has Hinges on as many sides as wanted
  • Insulation? (Possibly Double Sides with an Air Gap and Insulation Foam etc under the bottom sheet metal with another sheet below it possibly
  • Possible mounting points to make stacks secure
  • Fire Extinguishing?
  • Power Ports (A Surge Protector Bar Perhaps?
  • External Screen and Data Ports (And possibly computing/power componets) (?)
  • Optional Water Cooling of Internal Componets (Open Source Water Cooled FDM 3D Printer Extruder etc)


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