Open Source 3D Scanning/Motion Capture Software

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  • A software that allows a 3D Scanning System, or a Motion Capture System to Run
  • Also transfers this data/files to the PC

Used For

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

  • This Page Had Some, although they may not apply to everything
  • There Probably are some modifications of Blender That do this (Either find them or make our own)

Minimum Viable Product

  • Diverse Applications (ie 3D Scanning AND Motion Capture (AND VR Tracking?) in one package
  • Diverse Devices (Our devices, and other ones all work with the software; plug and play)
  • Free!
  • Fast as possible
  • Networkable (ie cloud managable, and/or server/render farm capable
  • Open Source File Standards
  • Good for animation, or CAD workflows

Basic Design

  • Modify Bleder Somehow?
  • Make a Frankenstinian Monster from current available software?

Software Development

Final Software

Current Software Version (Stable Build)

Current Software Version (Expiremental Build)

Archives of Older Versions

See Also

Useful Links