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  • A Modular Print Farm Utilizing the D3D Pro (for precision, small nozzle parts), A Large D3D For Large Parts, and perhaps a D3D Belt Printer for long parts
  • These then eject their parts using the Open Source Automated Printed Part Remover (may need better name)
  • They are then rearranged by either some sort of D3D Pick and Place Machine , or something like Delta X to "fit properly" on the feed conveyor belt
  • This then leads to the "main conveyor belt" which can feed to automated post processing, assembly, packaging, or simply a bin for non-automated use
  • Can be expanded overtime by adding extra "feed belts", "Main Belt" modules
  • The gap between feed belts acts as maintenance access, allowing for easy troubleshooting, and replacement of printers etc
  • With Octoprint this can essentially make a click to print process possible (assuming no print failures etc)
  • Computer Vision could perhaps be implemented to monitor this

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