Open Source Benchtop Power Supply

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  • A modification of the Universal Power Supply used as a benchtop power supply
  • Can also generate pure sine waves etc

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

  • EEZ H24005 Bench Power Supply
  • EEZ Bench Box 3
    • At a glance, a superset of H24005's functionality, ships December 11, 2020, with other possible modules:
      • New DIB modules:
        • SMX46 – Switch matrix module with two analog outputs and power relay
        • PREL6 – Power relays module
        • MIO168 – Mixed analog and digital input/output module
      • Modules in roadmap:
        • 12-channel multiplexer module
        • Programmable resistor decade
        • High precision Voltmeter / DMM (digital multimeter)
        • 4-quadrant power module
        • DC power analyzer
        • Expansion chassis for up to 7 modules

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