Open Source Cellulose Based Semi-Synthetic Textile Producer

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  • Part of the Open Source Textile Construction Set
  • Creates Consistent, Silk Level Quality, Textiles From A Diverse Pool of Potential Cellulose Based Inputs
  • Does so by dissolving cellulose based input materials (Woods, Cottons, etc ) and then bringing it out of solution by pumping it through a nozzle into a tank of a different solution, which lowers the solvent's solubility, causing a uniform strand of cellulose fiber to form
  • This can then be processed into thread, string, rope, cloth etc.
  • The resulting textiles are biological molecule based, but are as consistent as plastic based textiles, unlike solely natural fiber
  • Cellulose Based Textiles are also known as "Rayon" or "Bamboo Fabrics" or simply "Semi Synthetic Fabric"
  • In light of recent developments by other OSHW Developers, it seems a common rig can be utilized for multiple materials, just with a seperate solution for the materials
  • OSE Would either use Schweizer's reagent ( Copper(II) hydroxide in Aqueous Ammonia ) (Which can be called Cuprammonium rayon ) or the Lyocell Method which is sometimes called "Lyocell"
  • The names that are not just "Rayon" can be of use to differentiate it from Rayon made via the Viscose Method which uses Carbon Disulfide

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