Viscose Method

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  • A solvent that dissolves cellulose (in two steps)
  • Is widely used
  • Does Deal With Some Nasty Chemical (Carbon Disulfide) so be safe if using this method

Used For

  • Production of Semi-Syntetic Fibers From Reformed Cellulose
  • Production of Bioplastics From Reformed Cellulose

Industry Standards

Industry Formulations/Preparations

  • ?

Industry Levels they consider it saturated

  • ?

Existing Open Source Designs

Basic Design

  • Two Steps
  1. Pulp is treated with an alkali solution
  2. Alkali-Pulp is treated with Carbon Disulfide



  • Alkali Solution (Most Likely Sodium, or Potassium, Hydroxide
  • Carbon Disulfide
  • A source of relitively clean cellulose (such as cotton, or bleached wood pulp)
  • Distilled, Double Distilled, or Deionzed Water

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