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An open source ecologist is a movement entrepreneur working on distributed market substitution, without self-imposed limits of possibility, at Kardashev Scale not limited to Type 1.

Some of the prerequisite points of mindset require cultivation, and focused practice can provide these elements of performance psychology on a time scale of about a decade. Some of these tactical basics are discussed here.

Tactical Points of Mindset

Here we attempt to summarize the main, critical, tactical, specific operational points that underlie all action:

  • Understands the significance of the Kardashev Scale with respect to regeneration, prosperity, transformation, and evolution.
  • Accepts the basic premise of Good to Great by Jim Collins, namely that good is the enemy of great, and that discipline is required to go beyond good.
  • Accepts a collaborative economic mindset, namely, that protectionism is a faulty mental model for societal prosperity - and has the courage and creativity to act contrary.
  • Observes that the reptilian brain is the main block to abundance thinking, and thus carries on a practice dedicated to hardwiring happiness.
  • Understands that abundance is a discipline, not a hippie ideal. Abundance involves one's mindset and the skill set to act upon that mindset: applied physics including abundance numeracy, familiarity with key mental models across all disciplines with General Semantics clarifying most other mental models, moral intelligence and leadership, integrated design and productive prowess, learning how to learn. A collaborative, open mindset underlies all of this discipline.
  • Understands that most mental models commonly accepted as the status quo of socioeconomic human evolution are faulty, and can suggest alternatives that can be backed up via abundance numeracy.