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  • Uses a power supply and an electric arc to melt pretty much anything you throw at it
  • Is (relitively depending on electricity cost/availability) inexpensive to run, but costly to build
  • Is also reletively clean (so much so it can be used indoors)
  • Very Fast (ie secconds or minutes to liquification of pretty much anything)
  • As of 2020 this page is mainly on small welder run style devices
    • The Induction Furnace makes the larger versions mainly irrelevant, but some materials will require them
    • This page can be split and organized once it grows
  • A Simple One Can be Made With a Welder, Some Sort of Carbon Rod, ans 1-2 Firebricks

Used For

  • Melting Pretty Much Anything (Rock Included, Basalt Casting/Fiber Anyone?)

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

This Design by the Youtube Channel "The King of Random"

Minimum Viable Product

Basic Desigm


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