Open Source Everything Store Proposal Conctruction Set

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  • Develop consumer goods of 20% of all that is on Amazon via 3D printing, robust open source microfactory, CNC mill, pick-and-place, and other tools - about $100B/year net market. [1]
  • This follows from any product being composed of plastic, wires, circuits, electric motors, controllers, sensors. In other words - plastic + electronic components + motors and you have 20% of Amazon, if not 80%.
  • Investment needed: about $6M with 1 year dev time and 1 year breakeven
    • Goods produced: top 24 product designs; $2.4M. Microfactory tools - $2.4M; Apprenticeship program and its management ($1.2M)
  • Infrastructure developed:
    • High T printer, 4x10' size vertically,
    • Shredder
    • Filament maker
    • Pick and place
    • Laser cutter
    • CNC circuit mill farm
    • Painting station
    • Open source welder
    • Open source induction furnace
    • Wood Planer
    • Sawmill
    • Electric winder
    • CNC multimachine
    • Surface grinder