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  • Fluidised Solids have many uses for chemical reactants, Gas Scrubbers, and combustion/gasification
  • These are complex devices, and thus a sort of development workbench would be of use
  • This is such a device

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Various tube options such as
    • Small PVC Pipe
    • Acrylic/Clear Pipe for Observation
    • Steel Pipe for Large and/or durable designs
    • Fused Quarts Tube for Observation of Heat Involving Experiments
  • Should work with a standard shop compressor
  • Should be fully fluidized, and have little bubbles/inconsistencies in the fluidization

Basic Design


  • Most likely some sort of sheet metal or other sheet
  • A pipe holding support, direct cap/pipe weld or some sort of similar device


  • 1 Inch PVC Pipe
  • 1 Inch Acrylic Pipe
  • 1 Inch Steel Pipe
  • Fuzed Quartz Pipe
  • 10 Inch Steel Pipe

Air Injection Mechanism

  • Arduino Controlled Valve
  • Some sort of Air Diffuser perhaps aquarium/wastewater treatment Off the shelf, would graphite work?
  • All of this is fitted to either an end cap, or the baseplate
  • Perhaps make the diffuser a module to allow for swapping of various designs
  • [FLUIDIZING PLATE] is the word for the device used for large scale devices such as powder coating

Fluid Injection Module

  • Alternate Use with liquids
  • Can act as a Sand Filter with more surface area for microbial growth, or for chemical reactions
  • Perhaps just plates/piping with holes


PVC Pipe

  • Possible Air Diffuser 8 inch diameter (inner or outer?)
  • Look into sheet raw material
  • Cut into shape, glue into pipe (or use some sort of cupling with a lip/reduction in diameter) the put an air valve below it
  • Use aggregate from local hardware store as media (look for finest possible such as sand)


  • 1x plastic Bin (or paint can)
  • bubble releasing tube from local store (big box or pet/aquarium store most likely
  • Adapter to air compressor
  • Valve of some sort



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