Open Source Gas-Pressurized Air Burner Torch

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- A basic torch that burns a gas such as propane, methane, or hydrogen

- Used primarily for metal furnaces and forges, as well as ceramic or glass kilns

- This one uses an air supply, either a large air compressor, or someting as simple as a hair dryer

- Air is added at the rear of the pipe, this is later mixed with fuel near the middle, it is then expelled and burned in a divergent nozzle

Used For

- Furnaces

- Forges

- Kilns (glass or ceramic)

- A really good BBQ (see this for a good idea)

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs

- "Nickwoo2 Design

- "Paul's Garage" Design

Minimum Viable Product

- Easy to Produce

- Inexpensive

- High Temperature

- More consistent/controllable air flow due to forced air

- Can run at a higher temp/use more fuel due to the forced air removing the limitation of air flow

Basic Design

- Same as the Open Source Gas Burner Torch, but it uses forced air at the rear and fuel in the middle instead of the other way around



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