Open Source High Temperature 3D Printer Industry Standards

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Problem Defined

  • In order to use higher end thermoplastics, the 3D printer used will need to be able to heat the filament enough to extrude it into the solid object.
  • In addition, the temperature needs to remain consistent throughout the build, especially for a larger printer
  • The printer parts need to be insulated - Design Issue
  • Getting materials certified for specific product market
    • Costs?
  • Collaboration or Startup costs per Microfactory for building this product
    • Access to capital or start up funding

Prior OSE Work

Prior Open Source Work

Hacks, Probably Not Durable

Up to 70C Temperature Chambers

Up to 90C Temperature Chamber

Intamsys Funmat HT Enhanced

Up to 120C Printers

  • Creatbot - no price given - [2]

Up to 135C

110C Chamber and Up

Other Printers

  • Not advertised as high temp
  • Fortus 380MC - $70k - [4]


  • High temperature bed and heater cartridge from E3D - [5]