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Technical Requirements

  • A generalized photo/video point and shoot camera
  • can see in the IR Spectrum, such as to get thermographic images for thermal leak detection in the Seed Eco-Home
  • Can be used only as a regular camera as well
  • Can be used as an internet camera over wireless
  • Can be used with the D3D printer for monitoring
  • May be adapted to aerial quadcopter drones, though a dedicated smaller camera may be needed for smaller drones
  • May be used in open source 3D printed microscope

Organizational Requirements

  • Is a product line in the Open Source Everything Store, including other accessories such as Open Source Camera Stabilizer or linear camera rails, camera holders.
  • Is suitable for Extreme Manufacturing workshops
  • Can be a basis for further design evolution in Extreme Design Jams
  • Producible as an element of curriculum for schools
  • Usable in a standard open source toolchain for OSE documentation, interchangeable with ShopAid camera
  • May be used in remote monitoring, so must be water-tight and UV stabilized

Tech Tree of Choices

  • Top choice - Thermografree - [1]. Logan Williams can help. 32x32 sensor - sufficient for decent thermal measurements of the Seed Eco-Home. This has 2 sensors, so it can overlay thermal images over standard images.

Used For

  • Engineering Work (Diagnosing gas leaks, seeing thermal insulation of buildings etc.)
  • Scientific Work
  • Search and Rescue (ie on boats at night)

Industry Standards


Not Open - $180. Not open source - cc-by-nc-sa

Open Design

Buzzfeed's Design


  • 8x8 sensor - so more on the toy side - and higher screen resolution - from Adafruit - [2]. 0-80C


? License

  • Arduino based, scanning servo with series of 1-point measurements - [3]

Minimum Viable Product

  • Modular
  • User Maintainable
  • Cheap
  • Generalized + Multipurpose
  • Sensitive to (insert wavelength range here)