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  • A small watercraft that usually sits one person
  • Is propeled by a hand paddle
  • Can be made of many materials; The most common are all rigid plastic, but some inflatable ones have emerged which can be deflated to very small sizes (such as an average backpack/tote bag)
  • 70 CM +/- a few cm seems to be the standard width

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Basic Design

Surface Treatment for any model

  • Print Part
  • Sand down
  • Coat in thin film of epoxy/silicone (Perhaps 2-3 x to be sure of good seal?)
  • Sand + Buff
  • Do this for the inside and outside
  • Also optional addition of Anti-Skid Coatings/materials on the inside

Sit On Top (SOT)

One Piece 3D Printed Plastic

Multi Piece 3D Printed Plastic

  • The more reasonable option
  • The Kayak it is broken into shorter segments which can be broken apart for storage then reattached for use
  • Also allows for a modular build (ie seat section, basic hull section, footrest section, fishing rod holder/cargo section, bow section, stern section, etc)

How Pieces Will Be Connceted

  • Can epoxy + Friction stir weld the edges for permanent
  • For breakdown-able ?
  • The Point65 seems to use joinery held together by straps?
    • Can this hold up the rough water?
  • Can Metal Latches be Used?
  • Bolts etc could work, and would be sturdy, main issue is time taken to connect/disconnect
  • ALSO will a gasket be needed?

Estimated Cost

  • Need to determine infill needed. The Existing Design used~28kg of abs (double check this)
  • The "grassroots engineering" design was sit inside, so ~2x the material?
    • They used 26.48kg of ABS
  • Guessing a similar size would be:
    • Bow Module
    • Footrest Module
    • "blank" Hull module
    • Seat hull module
    • Cargo and/or blank module
    • Stern Module
  • SO ~6 Modules
    • And thus 10 latches for joining them?


  • A Potential Latch for Module Attachment 23 USD for 2 x5 for example (to connect all modules of a 6 module kayak = 115 USD)
  • Filament ~15-20kg? (will be determined by cad + slicer, currently just a guesstimation)
    • If ABS , amazonbasics sells a 21USD KG Spool, so 21/kg*15kg= 315 USD, 21/kg*20=420 USD SO 315-420 USD for ABS Filament Needed if ABS is used
    • If ASA , seems to be ~30USD/kg so 30USD*15kg= 450 USD, and 30USD*20= 600 USD SO 450-600 USD for ASA Filament Needed if ASA is used
  • Shop silicone and/or epoxy (n/a -ish)
  • Shop tools (N/a)
  • for a 6 module kayak it seems cost is ~430-715 USD
  • The most comprable design is the Point65 Falcon Solo at 549 USD so roughly comprable cost (need to see how close to the "low end" on cost we can get, also better part sourcing)
    • Also their material is some type of PE (Plastic) so this may be better material wise?

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