Open Source Pedal Powered Quadracycle

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  • A Four Wheeled Bicycle of sorts
  • Original Version will be a Two Seat, with a small trunk, and a trailer hitch
  • A Cheap People/Cargo Mover for local areas (no fuel, little maitnence)
  • Modular, so can start out as frame + drivechain + seats only, and grow into essentially an ac-less small car (low speed)
  • Can also add a motor (assist) later if desired

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

N55 System

American Speedster

University Studies/Designs

Minimum Viable Product

Rough Sketches

Top Down View

Basic Design



  • OTS or DIY


  • Two pedals (one for each person)
  • Clutch on each for each person being able to not have feet "pushed" if not pedaling, or if there is not a seccond person
  • Then goes to a gearbox
  • Then goes to both wheel axles (possibly a differental on each)?
  • Also optional KERS using a flywheel and clutch for non-electric boost for stop/go and hills etc


  • Most likely standard "bike" tires+wheels
  • May need non-spoke versions for better load capacity (ie more like motorcycle/car wheel hubs)


  • Cut Acrylic With Add-on Frame

Onboard Battery

  • Small battery up to a 12v lead acid for onboard electronics, and systems (if wanted)
  • Could also add a roof mounted flexible solar cell array
  • Then misc things like headlights, turn signals, bike computer, internal lights, radio/stereo/gps etc

Trailer Hitch

  • What is the "standard" ?



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