Open Source Piston Engine Requirements + Value Proposition

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Buildable via CNC torch, WAAM, screw machine as the only requirements, using stock steel and common pipe and common cylinder sleeves

Value Proposition

  1. Multifuel: high pressure electronic direct diesel engine, electronic steam engine, wood gas and light fuel engine with spark plug
  2. Scalable: Each cylinder is 5 hp to 30 hp
  3. Highly modular, minimizes mechanical linkage and replaces mechanical linkages with electronic controls via solenoid valves (electronic injectors)
  4. Timing is fully controllable electronically, with possibility of modern diesel pilot
  5. High pressure open senter fuel rail for diesel, high pressure water injection for diesel Methanol-Water Injection ?
  6. Basic units are CNC cut steel slabs (1" or 2" thick steel: pancake slices design
  7. Slabs can take on different bore sizes, with a compatible hole pattern for simple design
  8. Scalable from 1 to any number of cylinders
  9. Open Source high pressure fuel pump
  10. Open Source high pressure water pump (saturated water injection)
  11. Cylinder module: cylinder liner + pancake slab
  12. Piston module - Open Source Piston
  13. Crank shaft - modular design - near net shape 3D metal printed
  14. Connecting rod - CNC cut near then milled