Methanol-Water Injection

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  • A Addition to Standard ICE's
  • It injects a Methanol - water blend into the air before the cylender and/or in the cylender itself
  • This cools the engine (water mainly), reduce emmisions (mainly due to cooling, although this may decrease preformance of catalytic converters due to not reaching optimal reaction temperature) and can increase octane (methanol)
  • It can be optimized for one of these effects by various methods
  • Most often done via a kit for enthusiasts, but a dedicated system may be more usable (easier tank access, no worries about rust, no worries about how to "fit it" in there
  • Also could allow for a dedicated "methanol-water in" or "methanol in" port for ease of refilling
  • Also could use more methanol due to having a more safe fuel tank and thus no worry of flammability risk in an improper non-flammible liquid tank
  • Is evaporation an issue, if so how to sense and/or remedy this?
  • Can ethanol be used for easier sourcing/production?

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