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- A turbine that uses high pressure air to produce rotary motion

- Can be medium to large scale (the Open Source Tesla Turbine, or the Steam Engine would better suit smaller installations)

Used For

- Medium to Large Scale Power Generators

- Large Vehicles

Industy Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Scalable from medium size (larger backyard generators, to commercial generators) to large/super large size (Industrial Grade, Power Plant Grade, or Ship/Submarine Size)

- Made using the Open Source Digital Fabrication Construction Set, and/or the Open Source Metallurgy Construction Set

- As optimized as possible

Basic Design


- It holds everything together, and also provides the input and output ports


- This converts the movment of the working fluid (air) into rotary motion


- This converts the movement of the turbine into rotarty motion

Universal Attachment Port

- This allows for easy attachment to the axle


- Provides a bit more stability in the movement of the turbine


- An optional gear reduction box (most likely using planetary gears) to give it more torque



See Also


Useful Links

- [Wikipedia Page on Pnuematic Turbines]