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- The most simple turbine since it doesn't require complex blades

- Consists of metal disks and a center exit hole, with one or more radial inlets

- It isn't changed for different working fluids (liquid, gas, etc)

- Can be used as a pump if run in reverse (motion in, compressed working fluid out)

- Does get an efficiency loss compared to computer model optimized turbines, but this is very easy to produce

- It is also a turbine unlike the Steam Engine, which uses pistons

Used For

- Basic Hydraulic Turbines

- Basic Pneumatic Turbines

- Basic Hydraulic Pumps

- Basic Pneumatic Pumps

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Very Easy To Produce (All hand torchable + weldable if necissary)

- Universal Design (Can be used as a pump or turbine with almost any working fluid with either no, or minimal, modification)

- Optional Planetary Gear Reduction Gearbox

Basic Design


- A welded box with the drilled holes for the inlet(s) and outlet(s)

Turbine Stack

- A stack of 10 metal plates

Turbine Axle




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