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For the needs of open source OSE research, the following open source tools are required. These could be packaged as a low cost, integrated kit. The Kit itself can be produced with the 3D printer, CNC circuit mill, small laser cutter, and if deeper Technological Recursion is needed - with the Hot Metal Infrastructure

  1. Raspberry Pi Tablet - for data acquisition, processing, and controls - using fully customizable microprocessor/computer system. Can be used as a remote control device for all OSE machines including Brick Press and 3D Printer, removing the need of displays from each and thus reducing cost. Open Source Labratory Data Logger Construction Set <--- This is essentially the tablet with tons of ports + storage (also maybe ruggedized)
  2. Open Source Volt Meter - the Raspberry Pi Tablet would have a robust voltmeter built in, as it is required for all electronics and power electronics projects (1/5 of the global economy) (Would perhaps need a module for probes and/or probe ports though)
  3. Open Source Microscope
  4. Open Source Hot Plate - for up to melting ZA Alloys
  5. Open Source Stirring Plate
  6. Open Source Incubation Chamber - (3D printer heat bed with Marlin minus the motion control) - from yogurt making to biocultures.
  7. Dial indicator
  8. Open Source EEG Monitor
  9. Temperature and humidity logger
  10. Power Meter - for loggroboting electrical power usage
  11. Oscilloscope
  12. Sensor systems - precision distance measurement (laser, IR, ultrasound)
  13. Ultrasound distance sensor
  14. X ray camera
  15. Basic spectrometer - Public Lab has one.
  16. Telehandler - remote control + Universal Axes
  17. Smart Phone Tachometer / Sound spectrum analyzer - This is the sound spectrum analogue of the light spectrum analyzer (Spectrometer). This is primarily technique and an app running on the Raspberry Pi Tablet. App needs opensourcing. Use crosspower spectra and averaging to do better with noise. Applications to RPM, engine and motor troubleshooting.
  18. Open Source Gene Sequencing
  19. Open Source MRI Machine