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Used for

  • Wool/Fiber Collection
  • Veterinary Care/Surgery Prep

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimal Viable Products

  • Modular
  • User Upgradable
  • User Maintainable
  • Wired/Wireless Operation
  • Easily Replaceable Blades
  • Integration with the Open Source Vacuum Cleaner for use as vacuum shears
  • Scaleable from industrial shears down to fine detail trimmers
  • Humane (IE Quiet + Develop Aides Such as a Shearing Enclosure with this in mind)
  • Optional Automation (See Open Source Shearing Automation System

Basic Design

  • ?x Battery Modules
  • 1x Battery + Power Regulator Module
  • 1x Computer-on-a-chip Circuit + Motor Control Module
  • ?x Automation System Attachment Point Module (With data connections to the "Computer-on-a-chip Circuit + Motor Control Module" as well as a physical attachment to the automation system)
  • ?x Light/Laser Guide Module
  • 1x Blade Module


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