Open Source Single User Room Scale VR Setup

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- A full Desktop Grade Roomscale VR Setup

Used For

- VR Content Creation ( 2D or 3D Art (Via Tiltbrush or othe rsimilar software), Sculpting (Via Occulus Medium or MasterpieceVR + other similar software), or CAD (Via Mindesk Make VR or other similar software )

- VR Content Consumption ( VR Games, VR Films, and VR Concerts/Meetups )

- VR Training ( Such as airplane simulators, or something like This )

- Open Source Teleprescence Construction Set

- Remote Operation Construction Set

- Open Source Drone Construction Set

Industry Standards


- Oculus Rift CV1


- Fove 0

Existing Open Source Designs


- Steam Vr (to an extent)

- Oculus Rift DK2

- rEvolve Head Mount for HTC Vive

Minimum Viable Product

- 10m by 10m play area?

- Low Latency Tracking

- Supports Peripherals

- Wired or Wireless

- Modular + Upgradable

Basic Design

VR Headset

- Open Source VR Headset


- A powerfull enough pc, or an open source one from the Open Source Computer Construction Set

- ie Nvidia GTX-1060 or equivalent + a decent CPU + at least 8 GB RAM


- 4x Base Stations

Tracking Support

- 4x Video Grade Tripods (Manfrotto most likely)


- ?x USB-C Cables

- ?x Usb-C Thunderbolt 3 Cables

- ?x Infiniband Cables



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