Open Source Single User Sitting Down VR Setup

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- Like what the occulus rift DK 1 and 2 were like

- Sit down keyboard and mouse/gamepad VR

- Less immersive, but much more cheap

- Can even be 3DOF

Used For

- Basic VR Games

- Basic VR CAD etc

- Pretty Good VR Simulators

Industry Standards

- Oculus DK 1 and 2 (old now but it had a market then...)

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Uses the Open Source VR Headset

Basic Design

VR Headset

- Open Source VR Headset


- A powerfull enough pc, or an open source one from the Open Source Computer Construction Set

- ie Nvidia GTX-1060 or equivalent + a decent CPU + at least 8 GB RAM





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