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- A small robotic arm (Desktop or slightly bigger)

- Is less industrial in nature, used for small scale task instead

Used For

- Small Scale Industrial Machienes

- Programing debugging/testing

- Hobby/art projects

- Education

Industry Standards

- Dobot Magician

- Dobot M1

Existing Open Source Designs

- Niryo One


- This site has a nice long list of kickstarters etc.

- This instructable

- The one in this youtube video

Minimum Viable Product

- Low Cost

- Low Overall Size

- Low Power Consumption

- Low Noise

- DC and AC Power in

- Many Control Options (Wired Via USB, Wired Via Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, RC, Zigbee, etc)

- High Precision + Accuracy

- Modular End Effector (ie can be a hand, a claw, a gripper, a suction cup, a flexible plastic gripper, a soldering iron etc)

Basic Design

Power Source



- See the Open Source Robotic Arm Controller

Arm Segments

- See The Open Source Robotic Arm Segment

- This will be scaled down a bit though

End Effector(s)




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