Open Source Snake Style Robotic Arm

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- What could be called a "snake", or "Spine" robotic arm

- Resembles one of "Dr. Octopus" 's four robotic arms

- Uses hydraulic power in tubes, with no motors

- Uses the rigidity (and varyations of it of 4 tubes caused by the hydraulic pressure to move the arm

Used For

- Open Source Robotic Arm Construction Set

Industry Standards

- This Device

- Lasrr Snake 2

Minimum Viable Product


Basic Design

Power Supply



- See the Open Source Robotic Arm Controller

Movable Base

- Needs to only move in one direction, either foreward/backward or up/down depending on device orientation


- A CNC Milled, or 3D Printed Metal "Disk" with holes for the hydraulic/pnumatic tubes, or mchanically tensioned cables, and the wires for the end effector etc.

- Many are used for the overall robotic arm


- Uses either hydraulic, pnuematic, or mechanical (via cable or wires) to bend the segments

- At least 3 Per Arm (in a triangle)



See Also


Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Snake-Arm Robots