Open Source Thermal Energy Storage Construction Set

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Consists Of

Solid Storage Medium (SSM)

Concrete Blocks

Metal Blocks

Geothermal Heat Storage

Liquid Storage Medium (LSM)



Molten Salt

  • Sodium Chloride Melts at 801 °C and Boils at 1,413 °C
  • Quite Common
  • Is good on most points, but kind of corrosive + it has a high operating temperature

Molten Metals

  • Lead-bismuth eutectic alloy (LBE; 45% Pb, 55% Bi) melts at 125 °C and does not boil until 1670 °C (Ideal, but toxic, corrosive + hard to obtain)
  • Aluminium Melts at 659 °C and boils at 2470 °C (Non-Toxic, Easy to Find, But High Minimum Operating Temperature
  • Note that steel pipes melt ~1371 °C So that is probably around the upper limit of operating temperature

Gas Storage Medium (GSM)


Compressed Air

Phase Change Material Medium (PCMM)

Sodium Hydroxde

  • Works by evaporating the water from a soduium hydroxide solution to store energy, and adding water back in to release energy
  • Less energy dense, but potentially infinite storage time (at room temperature)

Hybrid Storage Medium (HSM)

Saturated Water

  • IE "Steam Accumuators"
  • Hold Water at A High Temperature and Pressure. More Pressure is Created from Superheated Water Going to Steam when pPressure is Removed for Turbines/Motors etc
  • Open Source Steam Accumulator
  • Saturated Water

Liquid and Solid Mixture

  • Such as Oil and Gravel, or Oil and Glass Beads


Allows For

  • Energy Storage (For grid/house level electricity storage)
  • Indirect Thermal Vehicles (Combustionless Locomotives etc)

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