Open Source Fuels Construction Set

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Consists Of

Smaller Modules

Fuel Storage Tanks

Full Devices


-Open Source Biomass Brick

-Open Source Biomass Briquette

-Open Source Biomass Pellets

-Open Source Charcoal Brick

-Open Source Charcoal Briquette

-Open Source Charcoal Pellets

-Open Source Charcoal Powder

-Open Source Charcoal Slurry

-Open Source Charcoal Slurry Fuels


  • Bio Waste (Food Waste such as cooking oil for biodiesel + Agricultural waste for methane biodigester)
  • Fuel Feedstocks (Sugarcane/Sugarbeets for alchohol + Algae for biodiesel)

For safe handling + in the case of spills

Allows For

  • Fuels for Vehicles such as cars, utility vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft
  • Energy Storage for cheaper than battery bank electric storage (such as hydrogen electricity storage)
  • A world free from fossil fuels

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