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- A place where people can go and watch immersive films + shows

- Mainly a Bunch of booths with Open Source VR Headsets, Gaming/Workstation Grade PC's, Great Periferials, and a bunch of great games

- Unlike the Open Source VR Theatre This uses Full on desktop VR headsets and componets, and also goes off of the far more developed VR Game Market (as compared to the film market)

Used For

- Arcade like VR Expirences

Industry Standards

- IMAX and StarVR's VR Arcades

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Goes of of a entry, or membership model, not a per expirence model

- Sanitary (sanitize all headphones and headphones between each use)

- Lag + Bug Free (no one likes these when trying to relax/have fun)

- High Quality Componets

Basic Design

Check in + Ticket Area

- Sells Admission Tickets and Memberships

- Sells over the counter nausia medications (for VR associated motion sickness if some people are really sensitive this may be neccisary, not most people though)

- Sells Food + Drink

- Sells Desktop + mobile + cardboard headsets for home use

Theatre Booths

- A roomscale play area sized "cubicle style area" (not walled in but with dividers)

- Anywhere from 10x-1000x per theatre

- Each will have the following

- A label for booth allocation
- An optional curtain for those who feel awkward being in a headset where they can't see if someone is watching them
- A high quality desk/gaming chair
- A VR Headset on a nice wall mounted stand or desktop stand
- A High Quality Pair of Headphones on a nice wall mounted stand or desktop stand
- An array of peripherals
- Sanitary Wipes (staff wil do this on all surfaces in between users for sanitary reasons)
- A Trash Can
- Review/Survey Forms/Tablet for feedback
- A gaming/ workstation grade desktop pc
- A gaming/workstation grade monitor (or monitors)
- A gaming grade wireless keyboard with a tracking puck
- A gaming grade wireless mouse

VR Flight Sim Booth

- A VR HOTAS Setup

- Either on the ground, or a tipping platform, centrifuge arm (for G Force Simulation), a robotic arm, or some combination

- For Playing Games like "Elite: Dangerous"

Server Room

- Commercial Grade Networking for streaming all the movies at max resolution with no lag

- Commercial Quality NAS Unit, Can also store movies etc



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