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- FreeCAD, or BlenderCAD, but in VR

- User Can Control Everything with VR Controllers, although a keyboard attached to an Open Source VR/AR Tracking Puck can be used as well

Used For

- Very intuitive CAD (Especially for part placing; just grap and place together WITH YOUR HANDS, a child could do it)

- A modified version is the Open Source VR Product Demo Software

Industry Standards

- Mindesk

- Make VR

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Intuitive Menu + Interface Design

- Supports all major platforms

- Integrates with non-VR CAD perfectly

- Bug Free (Debuging Can't Really be Done in VR)

- High Resolution + Render Quality Via Blender

- Release on GitHub, Steam, and maybe a custom website

Basic Design




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