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- A small device that allows any device be it a headset, or periphrial to be tracked in a VR/AR Envioment + add in features wirelessly via a USB-C Port, such as button presses

Used For

- Open Source VR Headset (Maybe)

- Open Source AR Headset (Maybe)

- Open Source VR/AR Controler (Wand Type)

- Open Source VR/AR Controller (Cradle Type)

- Open Source VR/AR Controller (Glove Type)

- Open Source VR/Ar Controller (Gun Type)

- Equipment for equipment simulators/remote operation/piloting booths (see the Open Source Teleprescence Construction Set, or the Remote Operation Construction Set )

- Cheap Rudimentary Body Tracking (Arms Torso, Legs Etc.), although not animation grade like an Optitrack Setup

Also possibly these not for regular operation, but to turn them into 6DOF Devices if using something like riftcat, ivry, or trinus etc.

- Open Source Mobile VR Headset

- Open Source Google Cardboard Viewer

Industry Standards

- Vive Tracker Puck

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Cheap

- Durable

- Precise, Accurate, Low Latency 6DOF Tracking

- Relitively Small

- Either one or two USB-C Ports For Data + Charging

Basic Design

Open Source Tracking System

- Most Likely Outside In

- Active + Passive IR and visible markers

- Internal Gyroscope, Accelerator, and Compass (Possibly two of each for redundancy)

Brains Module

- Small Arduino/Rasberry Pi?

Power Module

- Small Battery (dual hot swappable maybe, or should that be done by the peripherial?)



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