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  • This page aims to explore the various Boxes in which one could efficiently and securely store Optical Disc Jewel Cases
  • Main OTS Options, however a more custom DIY/OS Solution would probably work better, and could be made of known high quality materials if those characteristics are desirable (ie in storing media in a Semi-Automated Optical Cold Data Storage system, not (Hypothetically) Storing Commercially (And Stably, ie if it breaks you go to walmart and buy a new one for 15 USD) Available Movie Copies

OTS Options


  • Seem to be made of a Nonwoven Fabric of some sort of Plastic
  • Some supposedly have Cardboard Inserts for Rigidity
  • Don't seem to be very high quality, granted if done right it should just sit there so doesn't need to be made out of a superalloy or something
  • Either way potential concern of seams ripping, especially when it is full
  • However cheap (~20 USD or so it seems per each bin) and widely available


Rigid Bin

Rigid "Filing Cabinet" Style

  • A bit more expensive, and hard to tell build quality/materials from an Amazon listing etc


Overkill Hollinger Box

  • Archival Storage Box may ve the better way to write it a Hollinger is a Genericized Trademark and all that
  • Basically a Cardboard Box made of Acid Free Paper (Also Lignin free which can leach long term into paper and whatnot/cause that browning, even if acid free), and reinforced with Powder Coated Metal Bits
    • I was looking into if these rust / have rusted in any testing, basically places said "if they are rusting that is the least of your concerns", granted using stainless wouldn't really make sense, that type of lifetime design type stuff does have me interested
  • Some even have a bit of a "buffer" mixed in, so if there is a bit of sulfuric acid from pollution or misc offgassing things it will deal with that in theory
    • Main thing is just keep things clean rather than rely on magic like that but yeah
  • So short of Fire or some sort of Insect maybe these can probably outlast some plastic
  • Granted "Easier to swap out when broken upon regular inspection, rather than engineer a perfect container, and unlike a proper archive, if shoved in an attic there are issues of Silverfish and whatnot so plastic does tend to be nice for that
  • Sourcing:
    • Hollinger Metal Edge - CD/DVD Video and Audio Boxes
      • Quote "Stores compact disc on edge with ID label visible. 12 1/8L x 5 1/2W x 6H box comfortably holds 29 CD's in their jewel cases. Oversized short lid box 15 3/8L x 5 3/8W x 6H (not shown)with removable top, holds up to 42 compact disc in the plastic case. Available in our 60 pt. acid/lignin-free Tan or Dark Grey boxes reinforced with metal edges, providing strength and stability during handling, stacking and storage."
  • Given that Documents, Photos/Negatives, Microfiches and all that are the main market, these don't seem to be too common
    • All the same tech at the same of the day

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