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Transitioning from the open source ecology vision of the TED Talk to execution faces a significant challenge of Collaborative Literacy, especially in its Economic Time Binding sense. The world population as of 2021 is not evolved in this sense. Thus, we found no single individual or organization to date which is interested in open source product collaboration. This means: anyone who has a product ready for commercialization (beyond initial R&D phase).

We have tried. From Wiki house to RepRap to FarmBot, and countless others - nobody was willing to or in a position to collaborate on creating a Distributive Enterprise.

Who are qualified candidates? Individuals with well-developed products, ready for commercialization.

Moving Forward

Seed Eco-Home 2 remains our test bed for 2021. For people showing up to massive collaborative development of open enterprise - without precedent of such open development.

Near Precedents

The closest example may be RepRap - though still far from any notion of true Distributive Enterprise.

Where did RepRap succeed? In bringing about a project. But never a product. Products came from individuals who forked and succeeded - proprietary or open. This indeed created an entire consumer 3D printing industry - now Billions of revenue in strength - all out of the RepRap project.

But NONE of the success stories went to the level of active collaboration on widespread enterprise incubation, collaboration, or product inprovement- a part of the Distributive Enterprise paradigm.

But imagine the possibility:

  1. Collaborative development enables various companies to produce better product. Hasn't happened. Very little open source innovation occurred since 2012. As such, open source 3D printing remains in its infancy, and printing with 99% of available plastics is still not possible, printing in metal or other materials is not possible, etc - and plastic recycling for 3D printing has not materialized. All are low-hanging fruit - pending open collaboration

Seed Eco-Home

How do we have people show up?

  1. Finish productization of Seed Eco-Home 2 with brochure and house tours to start by year-end 2021.
  2. Release regular Seed Eco-Home Builder Crash Courses to give people a flavor of the build and to provide more product visibility.
  3. Start v2 Apprenticeship program with cohorts of 12. Once fist cohort is successful, replicate to more cohorts.