Personality Assessment

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  • There are 16 types based on temperament, and both Myers-Briggs and Keirsey - based on feeling and acting. Keirsey appears to be practical, in that it is based on action rather than thought/feeling. [1]
  • Keirsey - includes architect, mastermind [2]. Includes 4 broad ones: Artisan, guardian, idealist, and logical. Guardians are 45% of the population according to Keirsey. That appears that they are dangerous to society in the sense that they do not appear to like change. How to reconcile this prejudice?
  • All in all, Integrated Humans are ones who can shapeshift between the 16 as needed by the situation. There may be differences in temperaments, but it is dangerous for society to think that it is fixed in their ways - as this limits The Art of Possibility, which is part of the emergent field of Positive Psychology. Science appears to say that Character Can Change and Personality Can Change.