Pitch Evaluation

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same star rating as for FIT XM Evaluation

Specifics of Content

  • Did the Fellow present the overarching OSE narrative and mission successfully?
  • Were the 6 tools mentioned, and the function of each?
  • Did it become clear what each machine is capable of and what are its limits?
  • Were the 3 main activities of Fellows clear?
  • Was the XM workshop model exlained, with 3 clear examples?
  • Was the environmental aspects emphasized: for plastic recycling, energy efficiency (fast print), and materials efficiency (way to make a frame with 0 metal waste)?
  • Were Design Jams explained?
  • Was the crowdfunded, crowd-design aspect clear - in terms of how public product development can occur starting with schools and libraries?
  • Was the Open Source Earth Catalog / Open Source Everything Store concept clear?
  • Was the history of open source clear, and why it doesn't exist today?


  • Was the Fellow confident?
  • Was the Fellow Energetic?
  • Was the presentation Clear?
  • Was the Fellow Entertaining?
  • Was the Fellow clear, organized, and well-prepared? Ie, did the slides lead the presenter - or did the presenter just use the slides as ancillary?
  • How did the Fellow appear? Did they smell? Did they have clean clothes
  • Was the cadence and pace adequate?
  • Was the presentation coherent?
  • Did the presentation inspire the audience?
  • Did the Fellow have good eye contact?
  • No ahs and ums?
  • How did the Fellow handle questions?
  • How did the Fellow handle questions that they did not know an answer to?