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Tue Jan 29, 2019

Power Cube on LifeTrac 6 went out. There were 2 replacements already. This one started to fire on one cylinder only after something exploded during shipping of October, 2018. I replaced the power cube 2 weeks ago with a new one with another 27 hp Briggs. The Briggs and Stratton continues not to start up without starting fluid on the first time. I thought it was because of not activating choke with the threttle, but with the choke activated, still doesn't start and I must use starting fluid or gasonline into filter hole - and it starts. Not acceptable for any decent performance. It may be that the tank is too low - but that is not really likely, as the fuel filter is filled with gasoline and the fuel pump pumps actively. It just never starts cold - at least not now in winter. The new power cube that I replaced - its fuel pump was bad, so I took the fuel pump (vacuum operated) from the last broken power cube (same 27 hp from the 6 power cube build of 2014). Given the engine issues, we are considering deeper Power Cube Modularity.