Power Cube Fabrication Drawings

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Fabrication drawings are to be made available by 1.15.2012. See at bottom.

Daniel Worth and Tom Griffing - here is the suggested order. Watch Ian's intro:

Available Media

Order of fabrication - desired pages in Fabrication Drawings Package

Please see Power Cube Fabrication page for download of complete procedure.

  • Note: documentation will be for Factor e Farm power cubes, with several hundred hours of operation. Tom Griffing's may be the next version, but it has to be finished and tested.

Note: make sure fab drawings show comments on procedure as in video

  1. Jig for multiple cubes
  2. Welding frame detail
  3. Fuel tank + soap test
  4. Fuel tank attachment
  5. Hydraulic tank + soap test
  6. Engine Mount plate - needs details - see Power Cube Playlist - this may need to be broken into parts drawings and assembly drawings. Use the bolt strategy - it works well.
  7. Mount pump to engine - notes on tightening from youtube videos
  8. Insert engine
  9. Mufflers - this is for old power cube (Show muffler fab). Note - mufflers were painful to attach once battery and other parts were in. Do this as soon as engine is in the frame.
  10. Battery mounts
  11. Cooler mount
  12. This may be a good place for hydraulics diagrams - suction, power out to devices, cooler, return line
  13. Fan mount
  14. Quick attach plates welded (not shown in Ian's video?)
  15. Suction hose connection
  16. Return line filter
  17. Key switch
  18. Solenoid
  19. Paint

Drawings by Daniel Worth and Team