Powercube Array Frame

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- A frame that hods together 1 or more Powercube Connection Modules thus creating a powercube array

- Is a simple metal frame with the added feature of indicator lights

- May also have slots for fuel tanks that uses the same standard Powercube Connection Module

Used For

- the [[Advanced Powercube Construction Set]

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Cheap

- Standardized

- Scaleable

- Durable (lets shoot for 100 insert+removal cycles before any failures)

- Has both slots for whatever the amount of powercubes is (2,5,10) and slots for fuel tank modules etc.

Basic Design

Metal Frame

- Is what it sounds like

- The holes should be the size of the Powercube Connection Module, not the powercube itself

Indicator LEDs

- Simply Say if a Powercube is Non-Functional

- The Powercube Array Controller's IO Panel is used for more in Depth Info; this is just for the simple "oh this one is causing the dip in power, take it out and fix it"



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