Product Lead 2013

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Product Lead



  • Executive position - responsible for managing core work of design and prototyping of Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) machines
  • Full time offer
  • Intent of position is to grow with the organization
  • Competitive salary based on experience and culture fit
  • Kansas City or New York City location
  • Official title: Product Lead, promotion track to Chief Technical Officer
  • To apply, email opensourceecology at gmail dot com with your resume, 3 work samples, and 2 minute Video of Interest, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Role Description

  • Responsible for managing technical contributions from a broad range of dedicated staff and contract-based developers - designers, fabricators, engineers, consultants, and others
  • Assists ED in defining specific task priorities for the Prototyping Plan of 2013
  • Manages workshop and production runs
  • Assists ED in developing effective protocols and innovative tools for streamlining development
  • Specifies scopes of work, specifications, and clear conditions of satisfaction for design and prototyping work
  • Maintains and updates OSE Development Handbook, a guide for effective open source product development
  • Works with Documentation Manager to assure delivery of documentation
  • Engages in Talent Search for top machine design and prototyping talent
  • Reports to Operations Manager
  • Maintains a contributor database with assistance from Technical Community Manager
  • Publishes RFPs and solicits bids
  • Collaborates with Technical Community Manager on special development events


OSE believes strongly that life experiences and abilities may not necessarily match up with on-paper credentials. The following is a list of our preferred qualifications, however, we are flexible depending on the individual candidate's fit with our organization and their respective role.

The best candidate for this position would have a combination of open source culture, engineering design experience, management experience, excellent communication skills, and hands-on experience in building hardware. Machine development areas include mechanics, hydraulics, automation, precision machining, and metallurgy.

  • 10+ years of engineering experience
  • Experience in interviewing
  • Excellent communication in written, verbal, email, and video forms
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Keen ability to identify and recruit talent
  • Excellent team working skills, including ability to lead or follow
  • Track record of community and humanitarian service
  • Extensive experience with project management software
  • Extensive experience with database management
  • Engineering management experience with small and large teams
  • Excellent problem-solving ability
  • Willingness to use Linux as the computer platform for OSE work
  • Ability to budget and plan complex projects